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How is 2826MB sold?

show answer » The 2826MB material has a nominal thickness of 1.2mils (30 microns). The maximum width is 2.0 inches (50mm) and the material is sold based on volume. The minimum order quantity is 1 kg.

What is the best material for making a wind powered generator?

show answer » We can suggest a Metglas product based cut core made from our 2605SA1 alloy called powerlite c-cores. These cores would be an excellent choice for any alternative energy inverter designs.

What are all the mechanical properties of Metglas2605SA1?

show answer » Vicker's hardness: 900 (with 50g load) Yield Strength: > 7x10^8 N/m^2 Elastic modulus: 100-110 GPa Poisson's ratio: 0.3 Thermal expansion coefficient: 7.6 ppm/Centigrade

Which Metglas product alloy has the highest permeability?

show answer » METGLAS2714A ribbon which has the highest permeability, exceeding that of crystalline Supermalloy

What is the permeability of 2714A?

show answer » Our METGLAS 2714A ribbon can achieve a permeability of 100,000. The ribbon thickness is about 18 micron and we can supply up to 50 mm (2 inch) wide ribbon.

What is the thermal conductivity of METGLAS2605SA1?

show answer » The thermal conductivity of this material is 9 W/m-degree C.

What is the thermal conductivity of your alloys

show answer » Thermal conductivity of Metglas 2605SA1, SC, CO and S3A is about 9 W/m-Centigrade for 20-100 Centigrade. We do not have data on other Metglas alloys. However, all of our materials have electrical resistivites (inverse of electrical conductivities) of 120-140 microOhm-cm, indicating the thermal conductivities of these alloys are about the same.

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