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What of is the best amorphous material for shielding a large magnetic field?

show answer » Of all the amorphous magnetic materials we produce, METGLAS2605CO is the best magnetic shielding material for shielding a large magnetic field. If a large field is involved, you may have to wrap your cables with multiple layers.

How manageable is your material after annealing. I plan to wrap annealed foil around a cylindrical form to get my cylindrical shield - will the tape be able to tolerate this?

show answer » If you anneal at low temperature (~200 C), our material is quite manageable.

Normally I would degauss shields with an AC current loop whose magnitude is gradually brought to zero. Does Metglas alloy respond to degaussing in the same way that Mu-metal does?

show answer » You can degauss this material just as you do for a mumetal. If you could achieve a near-zero remanence (e.g. via transverse field annealing - meaning your operational or shielding field direction is orthogonal to the annealing field), you probably do not need degaussing.

For shielding purposes, how does Metglas 2714A alloy compare to Mumetal?

show answer » Generally speaking our METGLAS 2714A alloy is better than Mumetal; it can have the highest permeability ever achieved among any soft magnetic material and has resistance (magnetically) against any mechanical shock. To achieve a good shielding factor, one may have to make the inner cylinder diameter as small as possible with the outer cylinder diameter as large as possible if you use two cylinders.

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