Metglas Products for Today’s Green World

Publication Date: 8/1/2011

Metglas Amorphous alloys all exhibit a unique structure in which the atoms occur in a random (amorphous) pattern. Our technologically advanced materials differ from traditional metals in that they have unique mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties that combine strength and hardness with flexibility and toughness. Metglas and Metglas amorphous metal materials promote high energy efficiency by significantly reducing particulate and green house gas emissions in applications throughout the world.

  • Metglas amorphous metals used in power distribution transformers (AMDTs) -- with up to 80% lower core loss than conventional transformers -- assist utilities worldwide to achieve their efficiency objectives and reduce operating cost.
  • Metglas Amorphous Brazing Foils applied to vehicle emission reduction systems, such as: Heat Exchangers, EGR Coolers, Diesel Particulate Filters, and Oil Coolers, Fuel Coolers, Metallic Catalyst Substrates and other Diesel Exhaust Components, create virtually reject-free joints with high strength and superior corrosion resistance.

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