MBF for Plate Heat Exchanger Applications

Publication Date: 1/31/2013

Metglas Brazing Foil for Plate Heat Exchanger Applications

The advent of Metglas Brazing Foils from Metglas, Inc. enables cost-effective, reject-free production of high efficiency heat exchangers. This unique form of amorphous nickel-based brazing filler metal can be substituted for copper foil, previously used to braze stainless steel base metal. Joints brazed with Metglas brazing foils (MBFs) exhibit high strength and corrosion resistance superior to that of joints brazed with copper.

Please view the following tutorial outlining how to utilize Metglas Brazing Foils in your Plate Heat Exchanger application.

For additional information on Metglas products, please call 1-800-581-7654.

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