MBF 601 and 602 Press Release

Publication Date: 9/18/2015

MBF601 and 602 Press Releases

Metglas is pleased to announce the release of two new amorphous brazing foil products!  MBF 601 and 602 are Iron-Nickel based brazing foils that were designed to replace copper in potable water applications and other areas where copper deposits or corrosion would be detrimental to the user.  Both alloys have a balanced mix of high corrosion resistance with reduced costs over Nickel based brazing filler metals due to the presence of over 30% weight percent of Iron.  MBF601 contains 16 wt% chromium for applications that still require excellent corrosion resistance, while MBF602 offers 11 wt% chromium.  Each alloy has a recommended brazing temperature below 1100 °C (2012 °F) to allow processing on a belt furnace or batch vacuum furnace.  For more information or samples please contact us at Metglas@metglas.com.      

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