Amorphous Metal Technologies Podcast

Dave Millure, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Metglas, discusses the history of amorphous metal from discovery at Caltech to global commercialization by Metglas. Podcast focuses on the use of amorphous metal in the distribution transformer market including energy saving and CO2 reduction advantages of using Metglas in ultra-efficient transformers.”

Brazing Foil Podcast

“Vance DeFelice, Senior Global Sales and Marketing Manager at Metglas, discusses how Metglas amorphous brazing foils are utilized in the Aerospace Industry. This podcasts discusses typical aerospace applications and what Metglas is doing to proactively address the future challenges for engine manufacturers.

Amophous Core Recycling to Begin in 2013

Hitachi Metals has announced the opening of an Amorphous Cores Recycling Facility. View The Full Press Release for full details.

Metglas Brazing with Preforms Animation

This unique form of amorphous nickel-based brazing filler metal can be substituted for copper foil, previously used to braze stainless steel base metal. Joints brazed with Metglas brazing foils exhibit high strength and corrosion resistance superior to that of joints brazed with copper.

Metglas Products for Today’s Green World Video

Our technologically advanced materials differ from traditional metals in that they have unique mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties that combine strength and hardness with flexibility and toughness. Metglas amorphous metal materials promote high energy efficiency by significantly reducing particulate and green house gas emissions in applications throughout the world.

Metglas on Worlds Greatest

Metglas was recently featured on "World's Greatest", a series produced for ION television. World's Greatest looks for businesses that make a difference to individuals and to other companies. The World's Greatest cameras were given access to post-cast processes, never before filmed for the public, at Metglas's facility in Conway, South Carolina.

Amorphous Transformer Repair

Transformer made with Metglas Amorphous Metal Cores can be easily repaired if the need arises, this video provided by a customer shows the steps taken to remove and replace the transformer core in a transformer made with a Metglas amorphous metal core.