Motors - Amorphous Stators

The use of amorphous metal for motor stators has been studied for decades. While its low loss properties have been definitively proven to translate into extremely efficient motors incorporating amorphous stators, the development of an economically viable manufacturing process has been a challenge. However, developments in recent years have shown promise in the cost arena and efforts to perfect a cost effective process are intensifying around the world. For example, Hitachi has announced an IE5 motor based on amorphous metal stator. Metglas stands ready to support serious development in the motor market and we welcome relevant information that we can post on

Advanced Materials for Motor Laminations: Past, Present and Future Downloadable Document in PDF format

Development of an Axial Gap motor with Amorphous Metal Cores Downloadable Document in PDF format

Development of IE5-class efficiency standard amorphous motorDownloadable Document in PDF format

A Novel Tapered Rotating Electrical Machine Topology Utilizing Cut Amorphous Magnetic Material Downloadable Document in PDF format



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