Nanocrystalline Foil

High-Frequency Power Transformers

  • Lower core losses compared to Fe based amorphous reducing the core size for high frequency transformer, low magnetostriction results in low audible noise

Chokes for EMI Filters

  • Higher saturation induction over ferrite, higher impedance permeability resulting in smaller core size compared to Mn-Zn ferrite

Magnetic Shielding Sheets

  • High permeability properties are ideal for radiation noise suppression and electromagnetic shielding

Current and Magnetic Sensors

  • Material can be wound into small sized cores with high saturation and low permeability, very linear and easily compensable phase curve due to highly linear B-H loop

Pulse Power Cores

  • Saturable cores and step-up pulse transformer used in pulse power supplies for lasers and accelerators
High Performance Nanocrystalline Foil ( Product Release Sheet )


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