Additional Pulse Core Applications

Linear Induction Accelerators

Metglas® cores are used in linear induction accelerators to couple voltage pulse to the charge particle beam. These non-saturating cores are places in the accelerator cavities through which the beam passes. They function as 1:1 impedance matching transformers whose secondary voltage accelerates the particles in the beam. Metglas® cores offer high flux change, which minimizes the diameter of these large cores and, therefore, the size of the entire accelerator.

High Voltage Applications:

Metglas® cores are used as in some Magnetic Pulse Compression (MPC) systems. The use of high voltage transformers allows the designer to select input switches with reduced voltage ratings. Isolation transformers made with Metglas® cores and used with series connected secondaries can add up extremely high output voltage from isolated input voltage.

Additional Metglas® Pulse Power Core Applications:

There are a number of pulse power core applications where Metglas® cores are being used or offer future promise.

    • Discharge Pumped Laser such as:
      • Excimer Laser
      • Metal Vapor Lasers
      • CO2
    • Used in the following applications:
      • Medical Lasers
      • Isotope Separation
      • Photolithography Product Marking
      • Industrial Welding
      • Research
    • Drivers for Free Electron Laser
    • E-BEAM source for industrial processing
    • Radiation sources for waste sterilization
    • High Power microwave sources (relativistic Klystrons)
    • Heavy Ion accelerators for inertial confinement fusion research
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