Metglas Company Overview

METGLAS® Inc., located in Conway, SC, is a world's leading producer of Amorphous Metal Ribbon. In 1970’s, Metglas, Inc. (then Allied Signal located in Morristown, NJ) pioneered the development and production of amorphous metal, a unique alloy that exhibits a structure in which the metal atoms occur in a random pattern. The key to Metglas Inc.’s proprietary manufacturing process is the rapid-solidification of molten alloy at a rate of approximately one million degrees Celsius per second.

Metglas Amorphous Metals have a unique non-crystalline structure and possess excellent physical and magnetic properties that combine strength and hardness with flexibility and toughness. Metglas and Metglas products help companies around the globe reduce operating costs, strengthen energy conservation efforts and increase application efficiency.

Key Products:

  • Metglas®
  • Amorphous Metals
  • Glassy Metals
  • Transformer Core Alloys
  • Metglas Brazing Filler Metal
  • Distribution Transformer Core Ribbon
  • Industrial Transformer Core Ribbon
  • Pulse Power Cores

Key End Applications:

  • Electrical Distribution Transformers
  • Industrial Power Distribution Transformers
  • High Frequency Magnetic Components for Power Electronics
  • Material for Anti -Theft tags
  • High Efficiency Inverters and Inductors
  • Solar Inverters , Wind Inverters
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Pulse Power Cores for Lasers
  • High Power Magnetic Forms for Medical Use
  • High Purity Brazing Filler Metals
  • Motors (Amorphous Stators)